Madd Chadd


Madd Chadd is one of the most respected dancers in the world, a master in mechanical movement and the style of popping.   From an early age, Chadd was drawn to the magic of movement and dance.  In high school, he chose to learn how to break dance for his senior project, spending countless hours in the garage practicing windmills and perfecting every move. While attending UCLA on a full track scholarship, he stumbled upon a popping event and realized that his interest in dance was more than a fleeting feeling -- it was a true calling. Chadd quickly immersed himself in the Los Angeles popping scene and found a mentor in legendary popper, Boppin Andre. With his guidance, Chadd honed his skills and artistry, traveling the world to compete, perform exhibitions, and teach master classes.

In 2008, he began a collaboration with director Jon M. Chu, participating in "The Biggest Online Dance Battle" -- a global phenomenon that garnered 45 million views and culminated with an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. Recognizing Chadd's incredible talent as both a dancer and actor, Chu cast him in STEP UP 3D and STEP UP 4 and created a starring role for him in the critically-acclaimed original series, THE LXD: LEGION OF EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS as the character, SP3CIMEN. Along with the series, Chadd has also performed in LXD's special live events at the TED2010 Conference, the 82nd Academy Awards, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Chadd resides in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, where he is a self-professed technophile exploring hi-tech gadgets and innovations when not working as a model, dancer, or actor.

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