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Alarm clocks can be boring, so with G-BUZZ we are shaking things up. G-BUZZ is our portable alarm clock that’s built with FM Radio and USB phone charging. Just slap G-BUZZ’s snooze for more ZZZ’s or shake it to stop the alarm. We also created custom sounds to help put you to sleep and wake you up. Pick your favorite sound to start the day, because you can’t get out and play unless you get out of bed first.

    G-BUZZ is built with two alarms and a number of wake up sounds guaranteed to get you out of bed. You can wake up to a standard buzzer, or if you need something with a little more oomph you can wake up to rooster crowings, foghorns blowing, bells chiming or drums drumming. Prefer to wake up to your favorite radio station?
    G-BUZZ can do that too!


    To make sure your body gets moving as soon as you wake up, G-BUZZ has an internal motion sensor, so when you are ready to stop snoozing just give G-BUZZ a good shake to turn off the alarm.


    To make sure you wake up with a fully charged phone (something important to all of us at G-Project), G-BUZZ is built with a universal USB charging port. G-BUZZ runs with a standard AC adapter and if you don’t want your alarm tethered to a wall outlet, you can simply pop in four AAA batteries, so it can sit freely on your nightstand.


    If you need a little help falling asleep, G-BUZZ has some relaxing sounds to help you out. Fall asleep to crickets chirping, waves crashing, owls hooting or white noise. You can also fall asleep to your favorite FM radio station.


    G-BUZZ plays with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. From your old school walkmans, record players and cassette decks (that you thought you would never use again), to current gadgets like your tablet or smartphone, it’s that easy to get your music playing with G-BUZZ.

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