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The ultimate Bluetooth boombox that pumps out big sound in a rugged, portable package. Sturdy enough to take on any adventure and loud enough for your neighbors to hear – whether they like it or not.


    Powerhouse sound is delivered through a 2.2 speaker configuration with 4 drivers, dual ports and MAXX AUDIO, allowing it to pump out big sound with full bass that goes the distance. Want even more bass? Pick from the three equalizer presets: powerful, deep or extra bright.


    Don't get tangled up with wires. Stream with Bluetooth and play plug-free with G-BOOM's rechargeable battery for up to seven hours. ('cause who really has six D batteries lying around?)


    We built G-BOOM with a rugged housing, protective rubber base and an integrated handle. Take it anywhere and never worry about it– you can even sit on it. So if you ever find yourself without a chair, just pull up a G-BOOM. Don’t worry, it can handle it.


    While your G-BOOM is powering up via the AC adapter, keep your devices charged too with the USB charging port. You can also connect and play audio from any device with a standard headphone jack with a 3.5mm line in cable, which we included for you.


    From your phone, choose any music, videos, or games to blast out of G-BOOM. And when your phone's in your pocket, don't worry, just use the playback and volume buttons directly on G-BOOM.

Just bought this G-BOOM and it's the truth! Blows everything else out of the water. G-Project, you have my attention.



See Madd Chadd and G-BOOM in action

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